About Us

The founder of our company, Hacı KUMAŞ, took the first step in 1997. In line with the experience and knowledge he gained in the sector, he established the Seiz company and made it a company that exports to 18 different countries today. Our company, which initially made molds and presses, started to produce decorative tables and chairs over time.

Our company, which gained recognition with the products it produces in its field and found a place in the market in a short time, continued to provide quality products and services to its customers in the short term by increasing its capacity in 2019. In this process, our company, which not only works in line with the demands from the market, but also carries out research and development, has expanded its product range by producing garden furniture.

Considering the price-quality ratio of the garden furniture we produce in European standards, it has attracted a lot of attention not only in our country but also all over the world. Our company, which currently continues to work by providing the highest quality products and the best service to our customers, also continues its R&D studies. Our company, which aims to serve not only its customers but also its country by developing new products, continues to grow rapidly but cautiously.